So, I am in the MMJ Production field, mainly edibles, topicals, and extracts and  lets just say the reasoning for writing this article is...I am picky!  Also, to show you, you should be picky too!  

I've done many consults in my career helping others get formulated and passing with the labs, which has also led me to be fearful of many peoples products.  In edibles its the "hot unit factor".  Ive consulted kitchens that infuse improperly where there methods result in one unit out of the batch testing at 30mg and the other (in the same batch) tests at 600mg ...yeah, that has happened.  Inconsistent dosing is what has led to the fear in the edibles product since there start.  Also the oil or extract product they use will leave a taste , most find unpleasant or the recipe itself is unsatisfying.  So as a patient of mine said once, "not all gummies are created equal." So, let me tell you, same goes for Flower AND Vapes and it comes down to a few different factors;the cartridge, the battery, and of course the oil.  

You can have clean, quality, flavorful oil and completely ruin it by having the wrong cartridge and battery.  I know this because I've done it!  The time I did that sparked this article, I had a friends oil that I loved, I was on the go and  my battery had died.  So I went in a local collective out here in Las Vegas and grabbed a well known battery (I won't say the brand name), but that well marketed battery wasn't what its reputation held up.  The oil that I loved was a very flavorful 1:1 ratio (equal of THC:CBD) of Cherry Slamm ROOTS product, I've had many times and knew what I was supposed to taste, but instead the taste was burnt, charred and also was so harsh it burned my throat (and not in the good way).  That "battery" in question was very quickly thrown away and after a bit of research and consulting with experts in the industry, the solution to the problem came down to coil or ceramic.

Ceramic In Cooking

In cooking, ceramic pans are my favorite next to the timeless stainless steel!  Ceramic cookware is lightweight and very easy to use.  It is nonstick, quite durable and is available in a variety of attractive colors to fit any kitchen decor. The cooking surface is coated with a very tough fired clay, ceramic material that is very strong. When you cook with ceramic cookware, no chemicals or trace metals can leach from the metal of the pan.  The ceramic surface does not retain bacteria or flavors from previously cooked foods. This versatile cookware can be used on a gas range, under the broiler, electrical stovetop, in the oven and even on your grill and is safe to use for all types of cooking because it can withstand very high temperatures without damage as high 700 degrees Fahrenheit. It is also dishwasher safe, and hand washing is also very easy because the surface is non-porous and very slick. 


Now ceramic, as I said is quite strong, while it may be quite difficult to chip ceramic cookware, it can be done.  Once it is chipped, ceramic cookware is unusable because it no longer conducts heat evenly.  It is important when storing ceramic cookware, be sure to place some kind of padding between each pot/pan. This will help prevent chipping.  There are usually inserts that come in the box with your set that are perfect for this use.  

** Happy Note : If you have an induction range;100% of ceramic cookware cannot be used for induction cooking because it is not magnetic.  But there are options to use an induction range using an induction interface. 

Also, when cooking with ceramic, start out by using low heat settings until you get used to cooking with this type of cookware because it heats up very quickly and cooks very quickly.   

So, we now know the many uses of ceramic in cooking and why it is so loved by myself and the world.  I know I mentioned the fact of ceramic withstanding high heat, but one other factor in the being able to withstand intense heat is that it also heats  or cooks the dish, whatever it may be, evenly!   That evenly part and the intensity is what brings us to the answer of the question of ceramic verse coil...

Ceramic or Coil Cartridge ? (The Heating Element)

The little heater in a vape pen is called an atomizer.  Fancier versions are called cartomizers, clearomizers or other new names, but they are still referenced to as atomizers.  The pint-size heating element converts liquid to tiny airborne droplets.  In an ordinary atomizer, with a coil, the coil resides on the surface of the wick which causes inconsistent heating.  In addition, ordinary wick designs also cause reduced flow to the heating coil. So, in knowing that, let us touch on the Jupiter "6" Cartridge CCELL Ceramic Technology verses Ordinary Wick & Coil.  

Jupiter knows plant extracts require hardware designed specifically for their high viscosity.  Embedding the heating coil 360 degrees within the ceramic ensures the atomizer is uniformly heated. That factor alone makes Jupiter "6" unrivaled vapor performance for premium extracts my top choice when choosing my vape cartridge.  

JUPITER CCELL Ceramic Technology :

- Ceramic core probity ensures continuous fluid saturation 

- Increased cross sectional area CSA reduces over-heating

- Rapid startup provides high volume first activation

- CCELL Core conducts heat into the fluid radially reducing viscosity and improving flow.

- Works consistently with extractions of various viscosity 

- No burning - which preserves intended flavor



Most cartridges Aperature Diameter is around 1.5 mm holes which is border line too small for uncut or thick distillate.

"CCELL™ is a technology the consists of revolutionary ceramic heating elements optimized for high viscosity extracts. This ceramic technology makes vaping more effective by pulling the most flavor elements, while experiencing smooth hits."

That technology is mainly the :

(+) Battery - ohm rate !

(+) CCELL Cartridge - Aperature Diameter = BEST at 1.75 & 2.0 mm hole/aperature is ideal for burn rate & draw. 

(+) Ceramic !!!!!


Be sure when selecting a vape cartridge or vape product to do your research.    Also when in #LasVegas look for ROOTS Extracts at our local collectives. Your lungs and taste buds will thank you for it !

- Deliciously Dee (:

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