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Deliciously Dee outside dining at Honey Salt Las Vegas, enjoying her favorite the Brookie

"Inspired by the countless meals we have shared in our home with friends over the years, Honey Salt is a restaurant devoted to family, friends and community.  As residents of Las Vegas for the last 15 years, we are committed to providing fresh and innovative food and memorable times for our neighbors, near and far." - Honey Salt Family

"No matter the occasion, Honey Salt will welcome you with open arms." 
- Elizabeth Blau (Owner/Restauranteur)

"Open arms" and FULL HAPPY bellies!  Miss Blau's light, classic, and welcoming vision truly has made Honey Salt a staple to our community of Las Vegas. With their beautiful open format dinning area, accompanied by a private dining and outside patio dining area that is beautifully kissed by our Vegas sun, I make Honey Salt a must for any occasion.

I have held many meetings at this location, including our GB Sciences Canna Med Conference  and also my business partners and my celebratory dinner! The Honey Salt staff are professional and welcoming in dealing with any size party! 

They offer a farm-to-table inspired menu that balances the reality of living in the desert with the amazing ingredients regionally available for those willing to look a little harder.  Their homemade desserts, hand-crafted cocktails, and a wonderful selection of beers and wines compliment their already appetizing and mouth watering menu - and trust they didn't forget the kiddies'. (:

Now to the GOOD STUFF, the Honey Salt Deliciously Dee favorites...

For our appetizers, we begin with : 

"Turkey Meatballs"
alta cucina tomatoes, caramelized onions bellwetherfarms ricotta 

"Grilled Octopus"
fresh grilled octopus with fingerling potatoes and their signature sauce

As my entree, I can never pass up their...

As for dessert, I usually order this first, depending on my appetite I either go with...

"McConnell's Ice Creams"
salted caramel chunk

This is by far my favorite ice cream in the world next to key lime pie ice cream (with chunks of the crust mixed in). #Delicious 

OR I go with - the Brookie!

"Inspired by Baked in Brooklyn"
chocolate chip cookie meets chocolate fudge brownie
with salted caramel chunk ice cream

Their new addition of their beautiful patio adds to the most perfect and delicious dinning experience. 

Be sure to make Honey Salt a stop when you're in Las Vegas.  This healthy and exquisite locals favorite won't disappoint!  

deliciously Dee


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