Thursday, August 10, 2017

Dee Walks GrowHouse Movie Premiere - the GREEN Carpet...

Here's a #Throwback to 
DJ Pooh's - "Grow House Movie​" premiere 
April 17th 2017 

This picture feels SO GOOD to see! 🙏 

In the ending of December 2016, I was in a terrible horrific car accident where I was sandwiched in between 2 trucks on the highway.  I was in a neck brace for the first month, multiple disc extrusions - doctors recommended injections and surgery.  I passed on both.  I also passed on the pain meds they prescribed, after all I make my own.
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I did physical therapy 3 days a week, CannaYoga , massaged by THE BEST in Las Vegas - KV Massage , medicated with my Relax With Happy Edible's and my FAVORiTE STRAiN for PAiN = iRENE (Irene is High in Pinene - CLiCK To Learn More About Pinene)

I'm still not 100% yet and "was told" I won't be and that I'll experience pain for the rest of my days.  BUT THiS RiGHT HERE -- FOUR MONTHS after my accident -- I got to get a prettied up and WALK the GREEN CARPET w some very talented friends and artists...iN HEELS 👠!!!! #Blessed

Still on the road to getting more of my strength back.  This event took a huge toll on me, my body, and my life at the most busiest time of my life!  BEYOND thankful to my family and friends that were there for me during this struggle  and also to the ones that weren't 👌  and a HUGE thanks for all the healing vibes from ALL of YOU my readers and fans!!  You ALL give me so much strength! 💞🙏

I've fallen A LOT in my journey...and what I've discovered is my ONLY option is to KEEP GOiNG!!! After all, is there really any other option...?!?
XoXo #deliciouslydee #NeverQuit #DeeGettingHerGrooveBack #RoadTo100

Here are some of the AMAZING Talents involved in GrowHouse 
on the GREEN Carpet Los Angeles , CA Premiere 

 Actors : DeRay Davis, Raquel Lee, Lil Duval, 
+ DJ Pooh (Actor/ Writer/ Director)
GrowHouse World Premiere Los Angeles, CA
GREEN Carpet April 17, 2017

 Actors : DeRay Davis, Raquel Lee, Lil Duval, 
+DJ Pooh (Actor/Producer/Writer/Director)
GrowHouse World Premiere Los Angeles, CA
GREEN Carpet April 17, 2017 (BehindTheScenes)

 ARTIST/Rapper/Actor : +Snoop Dogg  
GrowHouse World Premiere Los Angeles, CA
GREEN Carpet April 17, 2017

ARTIST/Rapper : +Xzibit  
GrowHouse World Premiere Los Angeles, CA
GREEN Carpet April 17, 2017

& Lil Ole Me  (:

+Deliciously Dee  (Public Figure, Writer, Model, Actress)
GrowHouse World Premiere Los Angeles, CA
GREEN Carpet April 17, 2017

 With my business partner Dr. Andrea Small-Howard CSO of GBSciences , 
myself, Stefani Bachlaan BREAL.TV , Dr. Dina, and Mama Sailene

Myself, Stefani Bachlaan, Dr. Dina
(the 3 doobies)

Mama Sailene hosted +Snoop Dogg +MerryJane cooking show 
"Smoke In The Kitchen" 
I was the only guest who cooked a cannabis infused dish. (:


GrowHouse Movie

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