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The "CANDY LAW"...

The "CANDY LAW"...
by : deliciously Dee

Well, for someone that has been used to the fight and changing ways to accommodate the "new regs" to do what she loves...the senate bill introduced nicknamed "the candy law" has been brought to attention or mandated state wide. 

Many, in the edible industry, with this bill put in place felt as I did - fearful of it, our passion and careers to come to an end, and the consumer/patient products to be banned.  

The Senate Bill(s) read as such :

"A Nevada bill that would make all marijuana "candy" illegal is NOT going down smoothly with some industry leaders.

Nevada law already requires all marijuana products to be packaged in a way that is not appealing to children, but Senate Bill 344 take the mandate a step further..."

*photo taken from - https://www.leg.state.nv.us/Session/79th2017/Journal/Senate/Final/sj043.pdf

I have spoke on this bill before as it was introduced in other states, but before I did I had to think outside and into others prospectives.  I spoke to two sets of parents of which their children had consumed an "unknown edible product".  The effects of which were terrible.  One child was the age of six, unable to walk, dizziness, projectile vomiting, etc.  

Now most avid consumers would say..."Oh it won't kill them.." "its better than anything else the kid could've gotten into..." "they just sleep it off..."  (AND) YES those (as of today) there is zero deaths caused by clean/quality marijuana or clean/quality marijuana derived products.  However, those experiences are traumatic for a child AND a first time consumer OR ANY CONSUMER to endure! 

Now before you get upset - hear me out on this, because I am on your side as well.  After all ...these still exist...as well as bubble gum cigars...not to mention fruity pebble vodka LOL.

As a background, if you all weren't aware, I've been in the MMJ Production business from 2008 to present.  I have had MANY "transitions" so to speak- being in this industry.  It is not an industry for the weak : I have been raided, shut down, changed brand names due to the "tarnishment" of the plant, adjusted from a "black market" to a "grey market" to a "state legal market" to LAWD KNOWS where Weed The People will end up.  HOWEVER, I BELIEVE in what I do, I've seen what this plant is capable of and what dangerous drugs it can replace AND I WILL FOREVER FIGHT for it to be legalized, decriminalized, researched and to be CLEAN/QUALITY MEDS for ALL patients and consumers. 

I spoke at the end of 2015 in Colorado when this such law came in to play there.  And at first it was brought to "ban gummies" "all candy" and "child friendly shapes".  Myself and many others addressed this "ban" and in my opinion - which I will probably get a lot of hate for (awaiting the comments lol) - the ban is understandable and I agree to parts of it. 

After speaking with parents whom were scared to death, witnessing their children after consuming an unknown edible product, I had to put myself in their shoes.  I myself am not a parent, but I do have a nephew and friends children that I would care for as my own.  *IF* I was watching "said child" for the day and they began to experience ANY of those symptoms...I'd be terrified! I would do the same and rush them to the hospital, praying to any that would hear me for their safety! 

I could go on and on on this topic and I am awaiting the comments, beliefs, experiences from you all below... However it is MY BELIEF :

For the longevity of the Edible Industry, I believe it to be necessary and our duty as the manufacturer to ensure child safety precautions ARE MET

+ NO "CANDY" - refrain from using the words "CANDY" and "GUMMY" "GUMMIES".  These are cemented lingo in child promoted products.  Instead, come up with original names/brands for your products and label as lozenges, chews, etc.

+ Child Safe Packaging :  Now, even tho this is a responsibility of the parent to keep their marijuana products out of reach of children...US...THE INDUSTRY is ALWAYS HELD LIABLE! So, best to package all marijuana products in child proof medi bags, bottles, and packaging.  It's just MORE PROTECTION for YOU the manufacturer. 

+ NO "child friendly shapes" : Child friendly shapes (gummy bears, legos, STAR WARS figures, etc) -- to put it blunt : A mold is A mold.  Your job as the Canna Chef is to make it delicious and dosed correctly. Using a gummy bear mold or legos SCREAMS for a child to EAT ME! A square or circle mold - especially a custom mold is best route to decrease your liabilities and protect, but also promote your brand.  Think about it, those gummy bear molds, lego molds are trademarked shapes (already been done) and as a brand owner you are using that brand shapes familiarity to gain sales - PERIOD! NOT UNIQUE/COPY CAT etc. ALSO the STAR WARS shapes, that are in popular use of the "edible industry", ...those molds and shapes are Trademarked by LUCAS FILMS -also - STAR WARS was bought out by DISNEY, MEANING - YOU ARE DIRECTLY PROMOTING TO CHILDREN. -- Best to steer clear of ALL children friendly shapes! 


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deliciously Dee


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