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Well, Oops I did it again, but times 10! (:

I am launching my second cannabis cookbook : Deliciously Dee - The Happy Chef Expert Cannabis Cookbook - THIS 04/20/2017! ( I know I must have thought hard on the date huh)

Now, I must be completely honest with you, I LOVE MY JOB!  I absolutely love working with the plant - i smile every day just looking at them, I love cooking with it, dosing, infusing, extracting, I love helping patients and gaining new ones, I love my interactions with my fans and inspiring others to get into the industry, honestly...when I am doing my job, I am Happy! 

There are many reasons for me publishing this edition, but the main reasons for the decision were for my dislikes surrounding what I do.  

My Deliciously Dee - The Happy Chef Expert Cannabis Cookbook is a far cry from your average cannabis cookbook! When looking at the cannabis cookbooks out there 99% of them are written for fun and to simply "get high".  They all, from what I have read - and trust of read many, all are centered on the dosage of "4 sticks of butter and an ounce of weed".  Well, and absolutely no offense to those chefs and authors - because I loved them all, but that ummm "formula" are the reasonings behind why edibles have a bad reputation.  

Edibles, when dosed properly, give amazing medicinal and therapeutic relief.  What I do in my MMJ Production Lab, Relax With Happy - GBSciences Medical Cannabis Research Inc. Las Vegas, is FAR from the "pot brownie maker" stigma.

There is more to cooking with cannabis then a recipe and just simply "throwing weed in it".  So in Deliciously Dee - The Happy Chef Expert Cannabis Cookbook  I break it down for you of how to properly cook with these cannabis compounds and some healthy and happy recipes to get you started in making your desired dose.  

This cookbook was written to get a crash course on the working with plant, clear up any confusion on cannabis as medicine, help patients or "the happy chefs" at home dose themselves properly,  and for all those whom are interested in a career in the MMJ Production field.  So forget those "4 sticks of butter and an ounce of weed" THIS IS THE BOOK YOU NEED! 

THANK YOU to ALL that have supported me over these years.  Very blessed to be able to share my work with you all and I hope you enjoy my cookbook! 

(: #deliciouslyDee #TheHappyChef

expert cannabis cookbook
- 2nd Edition -
- COMING APRIL 2017 - 

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for their contributions to make this cookbook extra delicious! 

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Also available The Happy Chef THC cannabis cookbook 1st Edition for beginners.  Including "The Prescription" album by hiphop artist +B Real of +Cypress Hill  *Limited copies available.

cannabis cookbook
- 1st Edition -

including album "The Prescription" from hip-hop artist 

deliciously Dee


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Birth name Danielle Russell, friends and colleagues call her Dee.  Dee has been making medibles or medicinal edibles with cannabis from 2006 to present.  In 2014 she published the first edition of her cannabis cookbook, The Happy Chef THC, including hip-hop album “The Prescription” from hip-hop artist and MMJ patient B-Real of Cypress Hill. The year 2015 was the year of legalization for medical marijuana for the state of Nevada.  Dee worked as a Canna Chef in the first licensed MMJ Production Kitchen in the state of Nevada located in the fabulous city of Las Vegas - she still continues to make her edibles for the patients in the state today.

Are edibles not your thing?  Maybe you had a bad edible cannabis experience?  Eat too much or not enough - trouble dosing?  Or - perhaps you enjoy cooking with the plant and/or have an interest in joining the cannabis industry as a Canna Chef in an MMK Production Lab.  In with case, HER LATEST CANNA COOKBOOK IS THE ONE YOU NEED!!  Check out her latest EXPERT CANNABIS COOKBOOK - Deliciously Dee The Happy Chef Expert Cannabis Cookbook.  (available on Amazon & iBooks)