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There is NO SMOKE in the GROW ROOM!

There is NO SMOKE in the GROW ROOM
by deliciously Dee

Bob : "Do you smoke joints in your grow room?"

Me : "NO!"

Bob : "Why not?"

Me : "Because I got an A+ in Science!" I've been asked this A LOT!! And been asked by many friends and artists if they "can smoke in my grow", the answer is a BIG FAT - NO! (Sorry I'm Not Cool I Guess)

Now I know some may think maybe I guess you "Look Cool Doing It!"??
You in fact look the opposite to me (no offense to those that do) 
Your grow = Do what you want
However ...let me give you an insight into GREEN SCIENCE 101:

If you smoke in your grow, you force the stomata to close. The stomata are tiny breathing pores located on the underside of the leaf that open and close regulating moisture and prevent dehydration. 

If you grow Hydroponically or Aero-ponically (geoponics) - like we do at our facility at GBSciences - smoking in the grow will pump smoke into the plants water supply. You can actually see the tar in the air lines.

Tar in air lines = NOT good for plants = 
NOT the best, clean, quality, meds patients deserve! 

Also it can adversely effect the PH of your reservoir.  

If you "think" or want to say "but CO2 in smoke is good for plants"...(ummm really?!?

Also , personally, I refuse to take a fine from the state and risk my nice, clean, healthy plants so someone can "Look Cool" #JustSaying you smoke weed ...ummm you're already cool got to prove it to people ?!? LOL You don't have to prove nothing!

An easy way to add carbon dioxide to your grow 
(besides talking to the plants)

Baking soda and vinegar react with each other because of an acid-base reaction.  Baking soda is a bicarbonate (NaHCO3) and vinegar is an acetic acid (HCH3COO). One of the products this reaction creates is carbon dioxide.  You may purchase a regulator valve to control the flow of vinegar to a slow drip over baking soda adding more Carbon Dioxide to your grow, which is like crack to plants. 




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