Wednesday, November 2, 2016


Deliciously Dee x Lil Debbie
by deliciously Dee

So let me tell you how I met this lil cake! :)

I first got introduced to +LiL Debbie a couple years ago by +B Real  of +Cypress Hill .  He hit me up one day asking me "Have you ever heard of Lil'Debbie? You two need to link up and do a collab..."  He then, with a quickness , put us in contact with each other. ( thanks again B! )

I will admit at that time I had not been introduced to Lil' Debbie's music.  I tend to get in my own world sometimes...I mainly pay attention to my friends music they put out and whatever my dj's are playing when they spin - not very "UP" on the new artists coming up. (I'm getting better tho lol)  As I began my media "stalks"  I then saw what B was seeing.  Her hit "Bake a Cake" was the kicker for me, my mind started swimming in batter, fondant, and frosting of a "cookbook cake collab" where it would be nothing but CAKE, CAKE, CAKE - all different kinds of CAKE , with the Miss DebbieCakes420 sexy self for extra sweetness! Because after all - "LET THEM HAVE CAKE!" lol

I first met Debbie via the phone.  She later hit me up as she had a show here in Las Vegas at The Beauty Bar downtown.  I then made plans to go catch her show and let me tell you ...this woman puts on one FIRE of a show - a most def "high" of a time!  The most memorable was when a fan threw her a blunt and as she so happily took that first hit she said, "HOLD UP...hey now, ya'll know me - I don't do these flavored swishers!!!".  I literally laughed my ass off.  Her comical interaction with her fans was made clear that she truly loves what she does and more so her fans!    I am so very happy I got put on to her music, I bump her album "Home Grown" quite a bit in my Kush Kitchen and as a person Lil' Debbie is just simply F*ckin Awesome!  Glad to call her a friend.

And my friend, Miss Debbie, launched her own MEDible cake line THE CAKES LIFE!  That as a good friend does ...she poses accordingly to help promote it! #SexSells lol

NOTE : it was 150mg  ...AND was DEE-LISH!! 

NOW, Lil' Debbie is no come up artist!  She is simply as they say "Kill'n the Game!".  Be sure to check out Lil' Debbie Medibles, Music, and catch her at a city near you for a taste of that "Cake's Life" because she is awesome and I SAID SO

Lil" Debbie :

latest album from Lil'Debbie available NOW on iTunes!

 "Home Grown" - Lil' Debbie available on iTunes!


photo : Deliciously Dee x Lil' Debbie


- deliciously Dee


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