Wednesday, November 16, 2016


Canna Budder
by deliciously Dee


4 sticks (1 lb) unsalted butter 

1/2 oz of cannabis REG
- or
3/4 oz of cannabis MIDS
- or -
1 oz of cannabis HIGH

(use a coffee grinder to finely ground your dried cannabis) 


First, melt the butter in double boiler or slow cooker until it is melted or at a low simmer.  Then, after grounding up cannabis, add to pan slowly while stirring, for about 45 minutes to an hour.  Make sure you stir frequently.  Let simmer , the butter will begin to bubble at surface and you will notice it turning a green hue - therefore turning into BUDDER.

Next pour the budder through your metal strainer or cheese cloth to remove excess plant matter .  Make sure to put pressure or squeeze the remaining budder out of cooked w cannabis as much as possible.  Lastly, place in fridge and let chill until it becomes solid. You may also keep in freezer until use for longer shelf life.

deliciously Dee

expert cannabis cookbook
- 2nd Edition -
- LAUNCHED APRIL 20, 2017 - 

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Birth name Danielle Russell, friends and colleagues call her Dee.  Dee has been making medibles or medicinal edibles with cannabis from 2006 to present.  In 2014 she published the first edition of her cannabis cookbook, The Happy Chef THC, including hip-hop album “The Prescription” from hip-hop artist and MMJ patient B-Real of Cypress Hill. The year 2015 was the year of legalization for medical marijuana for the state of Nevada.  Dee worked as a Canna Chef in the first licensed MMJ Production Kitchen in the state of Nevada located in the fabulous city of Las Vegas - she still continues to make her edibles for the patients in the state today.

Are edibles not your thing?  Maybe you had a bad edible cannabis experience?  Eat too much or not enough - trouble dosing?  Or - perhaps you enjoy cooking with the plant and/or have an interest in joining the cannabis industry as a Canna Chef in an MMK Production Lab.  In with case, HER LATEST CANNA COOKBOOK IS THE ONE YOU NEED!!  Check out her latest EXPERT CANNABIS COOKBOOK - Deliciously Dee The Happy Chef Expert Cannabis Cookbook.  (available on Amazon & iBooks)