Monday, August 15, 2016

EXTRACTION - OILS (solvent free)

EXTRACTION (solvent free)
by: deliciously Dee


4 cups oil
1/2 oz of flower cannabis
3/4 oz pf flower cannabis
1 oz of cannabis 


First, pour whatever oil you decide to use into a large skillet.  Put your stove top on a medium heat setting.  Let it warm not let it boil...this is very important for quality cannabis oil.  Now, once your oil is hot you may add your finely ground cannabis into skillet. 

Turn down the heat so that it is just below simmering.  Make sure you stir frequently and watch out for not let it come to a boil (bubbles are bad - if you start to see any bubbling remove from heat) and let cool down. 

You are going to continue this for the next 3-4 hours.  Every hour take a wooden spoon and dip it in oil and make a dot on a white plate (or napkin). You will see the oil go from a clear to a day green. You want it at a good shade of green. Do not cook for less than 2 hours or more than 5 hours - as you risk under decarb extraction and scorching. 

Now, after around 4 hours.  Turn off heat and let oil cool down... let it cool enough so that you do not burn yourself. Then, grab a cheesecloth or a metal strainer and strain to remove infused oil from plant matter. Pour into a air tight container of your choice - I use mason jars! You may also put in freezer for a longer shelf life.  

- deliciously Dee

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