Wednesday, March 9, 2016


by: deliciously Dee

*makes 36 units


- 336 grams of chocolate chips (your preference)
- 86 grams (1 cup) marshmallow fluff
- 106 grams (1/2 cup) graham crackers


- double boiler
- piping bags
- rolling pin 
- hand mixer
- molds/paper cup liners


- In a double boiler, throw your chocolate chips in on medium low heat (110-130 degrees F). 
- Now while the chocolate is melting, spoon out the marshmallow fluff into a piping bag and set aside.  Next, grab the graham crackers and your rolling pin and crush until the cookies are now crumbs. 
- Once the chocolate has melted, throw in your CANNA OIL and mix with your hand mixer thoroughly for around 8-10 minutes. Take your molds and with the infuse chocolate at a layer to the bottom of the mold or cup, tilt the mold so that the chocolate drips and evenly coats all sides. You may want to tap the mold lightly on the counter to evenly flatten the layer of chocolate. Let set (harden) for about 30 minutes. 
- Now that the bottom and sides are done. Grab your graham cracker crumbs and add a layer of the crumbles coating the bottom layer of the chocolate.  Next, take the piping bag, cut the tip off of the end and begin dispensing the fluff into the hollow, filling almost to the top. (make sure to leave room for the top layer of chocolate.  
- Lastly, top each unit with a layer of chocolate.  Tap the mold lightly to get the layer to flatten nicely and then your inside out s'mores are capped. 

Then....HAPPY time! 


- deliciously Dee


*I STRONGLY recommend purchasing grams of decarbed oil at your local dispensary.  Extraction with a solvent can be dangerous, ventilation, smells, etc. 


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* If you want to save on the molds, as they can get pricey, use same recipe for Happy S'more Cups! 

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