Saturday, February 13, 2016


Two Cents
by: deliciously Dee

The other day I had a patient over who told me that his friends daughter has gotten into cocaine. She lost her scholarship at her university, losing friends, job on the rocks! (The works) My patient said he wanted to tell him, but doesn't want to be the bad guy or have him be mad at him...

I lost my sister to a prescription drug overdose of methadone six years ago. Methadone is the "legal" form of heroin that doctors prescribe to wean them off of heroin. The absolute worst day of my life was getting that phone call from my brother.

Me and my family would have loved it if someone let us know that this was going on in my sisters life. Cause maybe...maybe we could've caught it early enough so that she would still be with us today. If you know of someone (friend, coworker, etc) who might be in this situation -- TELL THEM!!! Don't be scared of being the bad guy because it's either you are the bad guy or someone's life. (That's how you should look at it! )

I myself do not use any man made drugs (I don't even keep aspirin in my house). I use marijuana as my all around pain reliever. In saying that... I feel the reason WHY it's called "The Movement" is bcause there is no drug to date that has been PROVEN to do help, heal, and cure ailments that has to be voted for and fought to be used.

 I'm sharing my story with you all in hopes that it may help one of you or someone you know. We all have a voice! Don't let yours not be heard!

- deliciously Dee



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