Sunday, February 14, 2016


(deliciously Dee at Huntington Beach, CA)

by: deliciously Dee

A little over a year ago I was at the CHAMPS convention in Las Vegas.  I came across a vender booth that housed the 'Roll-Uh-Bowl'.  I was fortunate enough to meet the creator of this amazing invention, Charlie.  Charlie was showing me his product and I must say I was impressed.  A collapsable bong made of 100% American Silicone that you can fold up and put in your pocket?!?!?  

I think the perfect Travel Bong was made...

Now my preference is and will always be edibles and joints.  I am "old school" and I am from the bible belt of Virginia.  Joints were more discreet, easily carried, and easily discarded (most important part). If I would go to a concert I would bring a joint and if approached by someone in uniform...I made it vanish :) .  A bong, to me, was something that was always to big to hide.  I also like the low maintenance of joints and edibles. Less clean up!

I first took my Roll-Uh-Bowl to Huntington Beach California and tried it out.  And it is a perfect little travel bong.  Lightweight, folded and carried in my beach bag, and was surprisingly low maintenance to clean.  I am a fan! 

If you are more of a bong user check out this product.  It is a great invention and I'll be sure to take it on my next road trip.


- deliciously Dee


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