Sunday, February 14, 2016


Pot, Pop, & Chocolate
by: deliciously Dee

This little tower of deliciousness came to me when I went to one of my favorite unique gourmet popcorn shops in Las Vegas, Popped Gourmet Popcorn.  Popped has an AMAZING selection of gourmet popcorn to tickle any taste bud from Nacho Cheese to S'mores.  One of my favorite flavors is there "Pinkadelic" which is a combo of raspberry chocolate, nerds, and pop rocks. Yummy! 

I used the "Marilyn" for this recipe. 

A couple days ago I got this Hi-dea of a birthday cake I was making for a friend.  They wanted a brownie cake.  Brownies are definitely a common order and is a well loved sweet, but I just had to get creative with it. :)  I was listening to Huey "Pop, Lock, & Drop It" in my music shuffle and hit me!!!  I went to the Popped on South Eastern location where this lovely lady Briana helped me pick out some different flavored popcorn for my creation, "Pot, Pop, & Chocolate".  I hope you all enjoy.  It was delicious! 

Pot, Pop, & Chocolate

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To build your brownie towers you need molds of various sizes!  I used two round cake molds for this brownie tower.

Make sure to grease them well.  

If you are in Las Vegas there is a cute little baking store, Tempting Treasures by Jan, that is my favorite place to get all my molds and decor for my creations.  

The owner Jan is so sweet and has hundreds of different molds and shapes to choose from at her store.  Also if she doesn't have a mold you are looking for she will find it and order it for you.  She also has bags of different flavored and colored chocolates to choose from that will cut down on time of making your own from scratch.  Look for these chocolates at any baking store or Michaels. 

Place towers one by one largest on bottom and centered layers on top. Cover with your different chocolates and sprinkle popcorn as desired.  A side note Popped Gourmet Popcorn Ships Everywhere!!  Be sure to check out there many flavors. 

And I give you...

"Pot, Pop, & Chocolate" 



- deliciously Dee


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